Monday, March 30, 2009

Related Video

The video I chose is a representation of the my section, and the two words that i chose for each space, which are energy and isolation. The video is a short video about a boy running through a real life giant hay maze. In the video, it is evident that the boy is very excited and motivated to run through the maze and get to the other side, the finish line. The boy seems to have a lot of energy, and is very keen on making it through, which can been seen through the boys panting, the laughter, and the big smile at the end of the video as he reaches a dead end. However, mazes can create a sense of feeling unsafe, as your alone in this big maze, with high hay walls on all four sides of you, and everything looks the same. It can lead you to feeling lost, which can further make you feel isolated and alone. But because it is a game, being alone or lost in the maze is a motivation which gives you energy to complete the maze and continue to the end.

Continuation of Models in Sketchup

This first image, shows the above space, energy, designed for Fiona Hall. This model is a continuation of my second section. I've added my texture onto on the walls behind the 2D image of the lady. For this space, i wanted to represent energy in both the physical and emotional way.

The above image shows the front view of the above ground space. Within the second and the first image, I've added a few other textures to my model, representing the material that I want for the space. In both images, it can be seen that there are a lot of glass shapes and panels all around the walls and the extrusion of the ceiling. This is to allow natural light (energy) to seep through the space. The abstract placement of the shapes, allows the sunlight to come through at different areas, creating different shadows and the amount of light.

The third image above, shows my texture added to one of the walls, and the chosen artwork from Fiona Hall to scale, in the studio space designed for her. I've also added the texture of the actual artwork onto the surroundings on the window, to develop a sense of what kind of materials I want to use for the space, seeing as how many of Fiona Hall's work are put together by many different pieces.

Above is an image of all the spaces combined. I need a little more work especially on my exhibition space and also my underground space. But this is just my rough copy so far.

This fifth image is the designed underground space, isolation for Tracey Moffat. As you can see, I've incorporated the isolation stairs in. I wanted to create a large space and high ceilings, so that when Tracey Moffat is working, she seems small in such a large space, which can create the feeling of isolation.

The textures and also her artwork is added into my design, which can be seen in the above two images. The extension of the space in comparison to a person.

Coloured Textures

I also experimented with colours for a few of my textures. However the quality of them aren't that great.


Below are the first 36 textures that i had drawn. Some of the textures that i drew, in my opinion were not that great, so i did about 12 (above, and the first image below, the 6 on the right hand side) more in total for all the 3 spaces to try and find a better representation of the spaces, and to get something better.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Second Section - Energy and Isolation

Fiona Hall - Understorey - Detail

The piece of work that I chose for the artist Fiona Hall is part of a collection of similar artwork from the Understorey collection produced between 1999-2005. The work I chose is made out of small glass beads thread onto wire and attached and curved around to make this flower object. Fiona Hall used different shades of green, orange, yellow and browns to create this piece. The size of this flower is bigger than the actual size in real life. The whole collection is presented together in a glass box with dimensions of 170cm by 140cm by 75cm. The collection and piece is a representation of nature and the human's impact on the environment.

Tracey Moffat - Invocation (2005)

The artwork that I chose is from Tracey Moffat's Invocation collection. This piece of artwork is a photograph taken by Moffat and printed through a silkscreen printing process using ultraviolet inks on soft white 300gsm somerset satin paper. The setting and characters in the photograph are staged, to set a scene. The size of the printed photograph is 147cm by 122cm.

Second Section Stairs - Energy and Isolation


Below are the images of my sketch of the stairs from my second chosen section. These stairs represent the word Energy, and is created from the Exhibition space to Fiona Hall's studio above. There are also images of the stairs that i produced in SketchUp.

The image above is a shot from above the modeled stairs. The materials I was thinking of using for the steps were wood. My steps are attached to the created curved wall, like planks of wood just protruding from the wall, which is hollow underneath. The curved shape helps represent the word energy.

I wanted to create the high wall next to the steps, so that the stairs are open, and it leaves an empty wall, which allows the opportunity for the artists to display their work, or even for those who visit, to have full view of the exhibition.


The below images, are for the design of the stairs of the second section, from the exhibition space to below ground, Tracey Moffat's studio. The materials i used in this design are generally timber, but i was thinking maybe steel or concrete might work to. This design is a swirl with covers on either side, so that there is a feeling of isolation.

Below is an aerial view of my designed spiral stairs. In this image, the materials that i plan to use can be seen through my textured painting.

Above is the front view of the stairs. The high walls on either side of the stairs, creates an enclosed space, where the person walking has very limited vision of their surroundings, or what is at the end of the stairs, which further represents the word isolation.

First Section Stairs - Vibrant and Protection


This is my sketch of a few sections of the stairs that are from the exhibition space to the top space. The top space is designed for Fiona Hall, and the word is Vibrant. My design for these stairs are very scattered and colourful. The levels are at different heights and the steps are scattered around, making the person walk through and around the stairs, as shown below in the images from Sketchup.

In the above image, it shows the vibrancy of the stairs through the different bright colours, and the scattered steps, with different rises in each step.

The second image, is a front view of the steps. It is much clearer in this image, the different lengths of the stairs and the difference in rises for each step.

Although the stairs look like a person can walk straight up from top to bottom, in actual fact, the rises and setting of the stairs are designed in such a way that it forces the person walking on the steps to move in and around the stairs. There are sometimes different pathways you can take. I feel that these stairs are a great representation of the word vibrant.


This is my sketch of a few sections of the stairs that are from the exhibition space to the bottom space. The bottom space is designed for Tracey Moffat, and the word is protection. Below are a few images of the stairs on Sketchup. The Materials I used in my design for these stairs are timber and glass. There are glass panels on the rises on the stairs. Behind these panels are light which glow through the glass, keeping the stairs bright, and creating a feeling of being safe and warm, which is my represent of the word protection.

The image above is the front view of the steps. I've added a bit of wood texture to the model to represent the material that I want for these stairs. You are also able to see the glass rises as noted above and a representation of the light. The light on the stairs are only at the bottom of the steps, so that when the artist is standing at the top of the stairs, it is bright at the end, like a light at the end of a tunnel, creating the effect and the feeling that there is greatness at the end of the steps, which may be the artist. The feeling of being safe, protected and warm is also represented through the materials of the stairs.

The image above is an aerial view of the protected stairs.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Model of Section on Sketchup

Section sketch Chosen. Vibrant and Protect

The above image is the top part of my section. The space is designed for Fiona Hall, and the word was Vibrant. I found it a little difficult to make weird and different shapes using sketchup, so my model does seem a bit like an extrusion of my section. However, hopefully i can work on developing it.

The second image, shown above is the entire model for both the above and underground space. For the below space, I was just experimenting with making spheres, and something of an enclosure to represent the word protect, for the studio space created for Tracey Moffat.

18 Section Sketches

Top Left: Protect/ Vibrant
Bottom Left: Protect/ Energy
Top Right: Energy/Isolation
Bottom Right: Protect/ Rejuvenate

Top Left: Ominous/ Rejuvenate
Bottom Left: Ominous/ Energy
Top Right: Protect/ Rejuvenate

Top Left: Isolation/ Energy
Bottom Left: Isolation/ Rejuvenate
Top Right: Isolation/ Vibrant
Bottom Right: Ominous/ Vibrant

Top Left: Energy/ Ominous
Bottom Left : Energy/ Protect
Top Right: Vibrant/ Ominous
Bottom Right: Vibrant/ Protect

Top Left: Vibrant/ Isolation
Bottom Left: rejuvenate/ Ominous
Top Right: Rejuvenate/ Protect
Bottom Right: Rejuvenate/ Isolation

Top Right: Vibrant/ Protect

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TRACEY MOFFAT: Invocation #5 (2000)

Isolation, Protect, Ominous

FIONA HALL: Detail (2005)

Energy, Rejuvenate, Vibrant
My words describing the artist's work was very limited. I have chosen to change a few of the words.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cockatoo Island : Isolation
This is an image of a model of a design that I made for an area in Cockatoo Island. The design was to be based around the feeling of isolation. The materials used are from everyday products, such as a yellow sponge for the tree, and a piece of cardboard for the protruding feature. The idea for this design was from tearing a few sections of a piece of paper.

Dynamic Rotating Tower in Dubai. Architect : David Fisher
This piece of architecture, is one of a kind, and shows the future of architecture. This is a 80 level apartment building. Each floor can rotate on its own, at its own speed. Each floor even has room for a car space for each apartment! Definitely no need for a car park anymore.

Fisherman's Bay, Port Stephens.
This photograph was taken a few weeks ago, when me and my friends took a road trip up to Port Stephens. Our beach house was located right on the edge of Fisherman's Bay, and this was our view. Standing at the front of the house, the view looked so fake, just like a painting, especially the white water against the rocks. I couldn't miss the chance to take a photo of this beautiful view, although it is a little blurry.

FIONA HALL: coral, scream, vibrant

TRACEY MOFFAT: Corvidae, protect, peaked

ROSALIE GASCOIGNE : wood, stack, vivacious