Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chosen Textures

These are the textures that i chose to use in my UT model. Light, medium and dark. The light texture is going to be used in the Campbell's outside space, medium for the meeting space, and the dark texture for Nobel's inside laboratory.

Extra 24 Textures

36 Textures

Monday, April 27, 2009

Start of Final UT Model - Meeting Space

The above images are of my meeting space. My first image is of the parallel projection which i chose as i my meeting space and the ramps. My meeting space hangs off of the cliff. So far I have only done a little bit on Keith Campbell's ramp, and have no done much for Alfred Nobel. The images above show my process so far.

Start of Final UT Model - Alfred Nobel

The images shown above are of the designed laboratory and space for Alfred Nobel. I haven't done much on his space yet. I've only managed to subtract the initial spaces within the cliff. Within the space, I plan to have created two entries into his laboratory, and also a lookout at the edge of the cliff where he is able to see the meeting space and also Keith Campbell's laboratory.

Start of Final UT Model - Keith Campbell

The three images below are images of the space and laboratory that i have created for Keith Campbell. I plan to have his space outside of the cliff, as Campbell is a little bit more free and open with his ideas and methods in comparison to Alfred Nobel. The first image, shows a long corridor to a look out for Keith Campbell in his laboratory space, and the other two images show the exterior of the space.

Black Box

The image that i chose from lecture 7, above, is a representation of both my clients and the quotes that i chose for them. This image shows a lot of detail, and looks somewhat like an explosion of a mechanical device, which represents the idea of Alfred Nobel's quote. This image also has what looks like, many different pieces, and connection of each piece, and how it is carefully constructed with thought and skill as a whole. This is also a representation of Keith Campbell's quote, where i believe that Keith is talking about how things work, and how things are put together. This image, puts all the ideas as mentioned above from each scientist into one whole image, which is extremely pleasing to the eye, which is what i hope for my model; a connection between the two scientists. To add to that, the image also goes from light to dark from left to right. This also relates to this assignment and my model, where the transition from the outside space (light) through to the space inside the cliff (dark).

Electroliquid Aggregation

Alfred Nobel and Keith Campbell

' Cloning for us is and has always been an exercise in science, which will sooner lead to peace than thousand world conventions. As soon as men find out how cells work, whole armies can be utterly destroyed, and a technology that enables the genetic transformation of animals will force them to abide by golden peace.'

18 Parallel Projections

The below image is not a parallel projection. The top on is an aerial view and the below is a side view. This is because i found this design hard to draw and visualise in axonometric, so i thought plan view would be easier to understand.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Second Draft UT2004 Environment

This is my second attempt at unreal editor.

First Draft UT2004 Environment

These images are images of my first attempt at unreal editor.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

24 Axonometric Drawings

Experiment 2

Alfred Nobel

' My dynamite will sooner lead to peace than a thousand world conventions. As soon as men will find that in one instant, whole armies can be utterly destroyed, they surely will abide by golden peace.' Alfred Nobel
Anon, Famous: Faces Alfred Nobel, Bright Knowledge, 2009, [,965,AR.html] (Date Accessed: April 22, 2009)

Jacques -Yves Cousteau

'The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and wonder at it.' Jacques- Yves Cousteau
Brian Garrod & Julie C. Wilson, 2003, Marine ecosystem: issues and experiences, Channel View Publications.

Kieth Campbell

'Cloning for us is and has always been an exercise in science - finding out how cells work - and a technology that enables the genetic transformation of animals' Keith Campbell and Ian Wilmut
Source: 'Campbell, K, Tudge, C & Wilmut, I 2001, The Second Creation, Dolly and the age of Biological Control, Harvard University Press.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Images for Final Submission

Above is an image of my completed total model. As you can see, the above space, the exhibition space and the underground space are all evident in this image. Below is an Image taken from Fiona Hall's Space looking down to the exhibition space. Here you able to see the stairs from the exhibition space going to her studio, and the stairs from the exhibition space going to underground to Tracey Moffat's studio.

The third image below, is another picture of the entire model.

Above is another view of the stairs from the exhibition space up to Fiona Hall's Studio. As described in my other post, these stairs create a sense of vibrancy and energy. With the direction the stairs lead and also in its materials and properties. The below image is from the inside of Fiona Hall's Studio. From this image, you can see the elements of the roof, and on the side of the models, where the energy is concentrated on the protruding walls.

Above is a exterior view of the above ground studio sitting on the exhibition space. Below is an image from the exhibition space. It shows the image of the stairs going down to Tracey Moffat's studio space from the exhibition space.

This image above, shows the interior of the underground studio. The extent of the amount of space in comparison to the person can be seen through this image. The only source of natural light coming through the space, is through the circle window up the top. The textured I wanted to convey can be shown in both the above and below image. In this space, I generally wanted to use hard, strong materials such as concrete.

The final image above, is an image of the exterior of the underground space. The textures used can further be seen in this image.